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Administrative litigation in Mexico covers a wide range of disputes in matters such as public tenders related to public works and government procurement, revocation of licenses, antitrust, permits and concessions, food safety and life science regulations, administrative contracts, and, in general, any decision from the administrative authorities that might affect the rights of private individuals and companies. The members of our team have extensive experience handling disputes involving energy, oil and gas, and infrastructure (for example, PEMEX, CFE and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation) that were significant in both their value and complexity. The results of many of these proceedings ended up setting precedents and identifying serious deficiencies in the corresponding legal regulation.

Our wide range of knowledge in these areas allows us to provide unparalleled advice and representation in disputes involving state companies or regulatory entities, and issues that arise from contracts subject to arbitration, but which encompass topics exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of administrative courts (such as administrative rescission). Our ability to handle these types of controversies puts us in an exceptional position in the Mexican market, as there are few law firms that have attorneys so well versed simultaneously in arbitration, civil and commercial litigation, and administrative law.

In addition, we have broad experience and knowledge in administrative proceedings for the defense of consumer and economic rights guaranteeing fair competition. Furthermore, we have detailed knowledge of the courts and administrative proceedings designed to protect intellectual property rights and advertising of products and services. Our attorneys have participated in more than 250 administrative proceedings of this type, and have also counseled a significant number of clients, helping them devise effective preventive strategies to defend their entrepreneurial interests, as well as the interests of other market participants.

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