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The members of the LITREDI team have come together to use their legal knowledge and expertise as an agent of social change.

Our team is well aware of the impacts that businesses have on their surroundings, and seeks to make a positive difference in our community and environment. We firmly believe that providing excellent legal services with successful results for our clients goes hand in hand with providing more value to society, and shifting towards a mindset of giving back to the communities we serve.

The members of the LITREDI team are also actively involved in drafting policy papers, regulatory texts and legislative proposals, as well as in providing training and/or awareness programs, constantly working alongside private and governmental institutions to improve our regulatory framework and legal culture.


Our services are provided under high ethical and trustworthiness guidelines that are intended to reinforce the honor and integrity of the legal profession. Every day we work to strengthen our conviction of working together, striving to attain increasingly important goals.


Another factor that guides our philosophy is our team’s ideal of being empathetic with our clients, which enables us to find solutions that truly meet their needs, while simultaneously being fair and profitable.

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