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The amparo proceeding is present in all disputes that go before Mexican courts as the last instance, or as an urgent remedy of exceptional nature against the abuse of power. The amparo might be the most popular legal action in our country; unfortunately, it is also the most misunderstood. It is a trial aimed at protecting fundamental rights with a high degree of technical complexity that allows a wide range of governmental decisions to be challenged, including those of lesser relevance, such as minor penalties, and more significant ones, such as the validity of complete legislation.

Throughout their professional careers, the members of the LITREDI team have developed outstanding experience in amparo proceedings, which comes mainly from the intricacy of many of the cases they have handled. In addition, some of our attorneys started their careers in the courts that hear and rule on this type of proceeding. Amparo is an essential tool for our team due to its direct link to arbitration and civil, commercial and administrative litigation.

Thus, the amparo lawsuit plays an important role in how we design our strategies to protect and defend our clients’ interests.

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